The area of real estate law is both technical in its requirements, and diverse in its subject matter.

Purchasing real estate is often the single largest investment of one’s life. Accordingly, to protect your investment, and your future, it makes sense to have an experienced real estate lawyer working for you.

At Fabris McIver Hornquist & Radcliffe we have a great deal of experience assisting both individual and institutional clients since 1980 in a wide variety of real estate law matters, including but not limited to:

  • residential and commercial real estate transactions and conveyances;
  • zoning, bylaw and environmental regulatory matters;
  • property and subdivision development;
  • commercial leases and tenancies;
  • rental agreements;
  • marine and foreshore development;
  • foreclosures, lending and financing;
  • strata law;
  • easements; and
  • municipal and other governmental regulatory and development matters.
Real Estate Nanaimo Lawyer

Due to the diversity of the subject area, and the technicalities of the applicable laws and regulations, we encourage you to consult with our real estate lawyers as soon as you face a real estate law issue to allow us to best serve you.

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