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Wills & Estates Lawyers

Estate Planning is imperative to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Proper estate planning and Will drafting are essential to ensuring your estate adequately provides for the people and causes you care about. Avoiding this crucial task often results in family members fighting over your assets, meanwhile the value of your estate is eroded.

Our solicitors advise their clients on all matters relating to:

  • estates and succession law;
  • advice with respect to drafting Wills, powers of attorney and representation agreements;
  • drafting and settlement of trusts;
  • asset protection; and
  • estate planning.
Wills and Estates Nanaimo Lawyer

Our estate litigation team of experienced trial lawyers works closely with our estate planning and probate lawyers in devising practical solutions. The integration of litigation and administration resources gives us a comprehensive ability to analyze and address every aspect of trust and estate litigation.

For a variety of reasons, a will-maker may omit, or later cut-out, a spouse, child or other family member from their Will in favour of another. In British Columbia, disinherited children and spouses have legal remedies when they find themselves in this situation. Even if you were not married, there are also numerous common-law arrangements that may satisfy the legal definition of being a spouse. If you were in such a common-law relationship and have been disinherited, or your spouse passed away without preparing a will, you may have a claim against the estate. Our estate litigation team also represents executors or beneficiaries who seek to uphold the intentions of the will-maker. 

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