Personal Injury Lawyers

We represent individuals who have suffered injuries relating to ICBC claims such as:

  • motor vehicle accidents;
  • motorcycle accidents;
  • bicycle accidents; and
  • pedestrian accidents. 

We also represent individuals who have suffered injuries relating to:

  • boating accidents;
  • slip and falls and other forms of occupier’s liability;
  • animal liability (including dog bites); and
  • bodily assaults. 
Personal Injury Nanaimo Lawyer

Injury Law

If you are injured in one of the above-noted scenarios, and you were not at fault or were only partially at fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Depending on the particular case that can involve a claim against ICBC or other insurance companies (within or outside of British Columbia), a municipality or other government body, a business or property owner, pet owners, or individuals who are not covered by insurance. 

We also represent individuals who are insured through ICBC or private insurance carriers as a result of motor vehicle or other accident claims. 

Additionally, if you are an individual or business not covered by insurance, and have been (or will be) sued as a result of a personal injury matter, we may be able to assist you. As the consequences for an uninsured individual or business in this scenario can be financially devastating, we recommend taking a proactive approach and contacting us at an early stage.

Often personal injury claims are much more complex than one might expect, as there are many different categories of damages that may be awarded to compensate an injured party, depending on the facts of a particular case. Often insurance companies do not offer all available categories of damages to those who choose to settle their case without legal representation. To ensure you are adequately compensated in many cases it is necessary to retain one or more expert witnesses to help prove your case. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact our legal team at your earliest opportunity after suffering an injury to ensure you understand your rights, and to allow us to advance your claim in the best manner possible.


Accident Lawyers

At Fabris McIver Hornquist & Radcliffe we have an experienced personal injury team that has resolved hundreds of cases for injured parties and defendants for over 30 years, both at trial and through out of court processes. We are happy to meet with you to discuss all aspects of your case and are pleased to offer a free initial consultation for all potential personal injury clients.

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